About Buddy Bradshaw

  • Control Spending
  • Bring Quality Jobs to Loudon County
  • Education
  • We Must Invest In Our Future
  • Raising Taxes is Not the Answer

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 August 7, 2014


Call to Donate

  Hello, my name is Buddy Bradshaw and I would like to have your vote as Mayor of Loudon County.  I am a lifelong resident of Loudon County and want to lead Loudon County into a prosperous future.

  I have been married to my wife Elizabeth for 14 years and have three children:  Ashley, Delan and Dane.  I have spent more than twenty years investing in the future of our county by volunteering with multiple civic and youth organizations.  I was an employee of TRW/Koyo for more than 13 years, and have worked as a police officer for Loudon Police Department since 2004.  I have also earned my Associates Degree in the Science of Teaching from Roane State Community College, making the Dean's List every semester that I qualified.

  If we want to continue to build and grow as a county, we must control spending and rein in an ever expanding local government.  It's not right in Washington and it's certainly not acceptable at the local level.  If we reduce our spending on a county wide basis, we can build a surplus of funds.  We must have the fiscal sensibility to know that if we have a nickel, we cannot spend a dime.  Raising taxes cannot always be the answer.

  We have to actively pursue quality jobs for Loudon County.  We have the resources and labor force to attract companies into our county.  We must be willing to do what is necessary to bring jobs to us.  

  I vow to serve the citizens of Loudon County to the best of my ability.  My door will always be open and county government will be transparent.  I will work with our county commission and our school board to insure we provide the best living environment we can achieve.

  I want your vote for Loudon County Mayor on August 7, 2014.  Thank you.